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Promote the science and practice of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in the State of Nebraska. 




Our Goals
  1. Advise relevant political, legislative, and policy-making bodies with respect to all matters pertaining to the effective and ethical application of the principles of ABA.
  2. Inform stakeholders about the fundamental principles of ABA and its application in areas such as intellectual disabilities, education, rehabilitation, business, and government.
  3. Promote the Behavior Analysis Certification Board® as the appropriate body for credentialing practitioners of ABA in Nebraska.
  4. Involve parents, service providers, and professionals interested in expanding the application of ABA technology in Nebraska by identifying goals and promoting effective action.
  5. Provide educational resources as identified by the membership. 
Our Bylaws
NEABA does not endorse political candidates. With Board approval, we will support political or legislative efforts that are in line with NEABA’s mission and values.
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