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Zoom Etiquette


  1.  Test out the link ahead of the event
    • Your company may have firewalls that may prevent you to open the link
    • Email NEABA so that we can send you a link directly!
  2. Log into the Zoom link 5-10 minutes early. The event will begin promptly at the advertised time.
    •  Failure to start the event on time, will negatively affect CEU Helper’s ability to manage CEUs
  3. If you are collecting CEUs, you must have your camera on throughout the talk
    • Periodically turning off cameras to maintain HIPPA (e.g., client passing in the background) is perfectly acceptable.
    • If the event is NOT using CEU Helper, please email your credential number to
  4.  Please mute your microphone, unless you wish to speak
  5. Consider using the chat for questions during the presentation
  6. You are welcome to eat your lunch during midday presentations, without guilt!
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