Morning Workshop: Using Interactive Teams to Problem-Solve Ethics Scenarios*

Dr. Jon Bailey assisted by Dr. Steven Taylor 


Business meeting and presentation

Dr. Steven Taylor and former Nebraska Representative Colby Coash


Book Signing: Dr. Jon Bailey


Presentation: 12 Reasons Not to Report an Ethics Violation 

Dr. Jon Bailey


Symposium: Current Practices and Guidelines for Conducting Effective Supervision


Continued Training and Supervision: How and What to Document

Amber Paden, BCBA


RBT Certification: Successes and Challenges

Terri Newton, BCBA and Torri Smith-Tejral, BCBA


How to Build Confidence in Your Staff: An Errorless Teaching Approach

Victoria Cohrs, BCBA, and Claire Goodin, BCBA


Evaluating the Effects of Supervision: Strategies for Objectively Measuring Supervisee Performance

Adam Briggs, BCBA-D

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NEABA Annual Convention

November 10th, 2017

Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center

 University of Nebraska at Omaha

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