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CEU Helper Instructions


  1. Download CEU Helper from Google Play, App Store, or Amazon Fire.

  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to Sign Up (first time users) or Log in if you have already signed up for CEU Helper.

  3. Continue to follow the onscreen instructions to choose a certification (i.e., BACB).

  4. Choose the NEABA Speaker Series (presentation date). 

    • You will also see a link to a video to show you how CEU Helper works.  Review this if you are new to CEU Helper. 

    • Be sure to read all 7 steps described on that page

  5.  Have CEU Helper open and ready on your phone before logging into the Zoom

    • If you are having issues, log into the Zoom and chat the host of the presentation for help troubleshooting

    • The host will be logged into the Zoom 15 minutes ahead of the talk to help with CEU Helper set up

    • You will not be able to scan into the talk on your phone, if you are using the same phone to attend the presentation!

  6. Scan into event scanning the QR Code which will be displayed on the screen prior to the presentation; and scan out of the presentation when the QR code is displayed at the end.

  7. IMPORTANT!  When you are done collecting CEUs, be sure to click past the screen that says “Processing CEUs.”  You should end on a screen that says, “Check out success!” If you do not do this, we may not be able to issue you your CEU.

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