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Friday July 19, 2024
12-1PM (CST)

Meeting ID: 940 2220 5050

Passcode: 611988






Embedding Mand for Information Training into Tact Training to Teach the 'What Is It?' Question for Turkish Children with Autism 


Meral Koldas, PhD, BCBA-D



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This study explores the efficacy of mand for information (MFI) training in individuals with autism, with a particular focus on the extension of this training to non-native English speakers and the promotion of generalization across various contexts. The “What is it?” MFI was taught to four native Turkish-speaking participants under various establishing operations (EOs). Notably, these MFIs were effectively embedded within tact training trials and delivered in a language other than English, thereby extending the research on MFI to a different language. Furthermore, the generalization of the MFIs was observed as participants maintained their proficiency across individuals, settings, and novel stimuli. Social validity data confirmed the acceptability of MFI training among parents, highlighting its potential to enhance communication skills. Follow-up assessments were conducted four weeks post-training indicating maintenance of the MFIs.


Participants will be able to:

  1. Critically analyze the implementation and outcomes of mand for information (MFI) training and understand the implementation in another language

  2. Identify and evaluate the importance of establishing operations (EOs) in implementing MFI training for individuals with autism

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