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Monday, February 26th, 2024
12PM-1PM (CST)

Meeting ID: 995 3478 0081







Designing Efficient Strategies to Teach New Skills


Dr. Juliana Oliveira



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When teaching new skills to individuals with autism, practitioners are taught to use reinforcement and prompt procedures to teach skills that are socially relevant to the learner. When selecting the appropriate target skills to teach, it is common to see practitioners teaching all the stimuli relations directly – teaching each target, by providing prompts and gradually fading the prompt, while reinforcing correct responses. However, another way to teach those specific targets is to strategically select what needs to be taught, in a way that it is not necessary to teach all the relations between stimuli. By strategically selecting only some of them to teach, you might get other emergent relations, or some new relations, “for free”. This is an important aspect of planning teaching programs if we want to design procedures that are effective and efficient. In this presentation, we will talk about some procedures that exist out there that target the emergence of new relations.

  • Participants will be able to describe what are emergent relations;
    Participants will be able to describe what is Equivalence-based instruction (EBI);
    Participants will be able to describe that is instructional feedback;
    Participants will be able to explain why EBI and instructional feedback are efficient procedures to teach new skills.

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